August. Selected concerts in Norway with Annbjørg Lien.

August. Mixing BO production ”Spellemann II” for Elisabeth Andreassens with engineer Roald Råsberg.

July. Selected concerts in Norway with Kirsten and Annbjørg.

May – June. At the same time norwegian director Einar Kleveland is filming a documentary about Annbjørg and Bjørn Ole following them on tours and recordings.

May – June. BO leaves for Praha to record with Checkz National Symphony Orchestra.

May – June. A lot of recording activity in Kongshavn these months. Stein Roger Sordal, Ingrid Bjørnov, norwegian trio ”Ask”, Terje Formoe, Elisabeth and Annbjørg.

December. ”Alle Vegne” produced by BO is nominated for the norwegian grammy award ”Spelemannsprisen”.

December. Selected concerts in Norway with Annbjørg and the choir ”Gaasehud”.

November. Recordings for Annbjørg and Elisabeth Andreassen´s new CD´s.

October. Release ”Alle Vegne” with Annbjørg and Sondre Bratland for KKV Records. Produced by BO.

October. Selected concerts with Kirsten Bråten Berg promoting the CD ”Songen” recorded at Kongshavn.

September. Recording starts for Elisabeth Andreassen´s new CD ”Spellemann II”. Produced and arranged by BO. All songs composed by Rolf Løvland. Engineered by Roald Råsberg.

August. Bo producing and arranging norwegian singer Inger Lise Stulien at Kongshavn.

July the 9th. Annbjørg and Bjørn Ole is playing at selected festivals promoting ”Come Home. Among them is the ”Førde Intenational Folk Music Festival”.


December. Bjørn Ole leaves for a convert tour in China together with ”Secret Garden”. Bo´s production ”Julenatt” for EMI Records are released.

November. Session with acclaimed irish folk musician Andy Irvine together with norwegian singer/songwriter Lillebjørn Nilsen at Kongshavn Studios. Selected concerts in Norway with the duo Annbjørg and BO.

October. Release of ”Come Home” with great critical acclaime. End of session and mix for ”Julenatt”.

September. Recording ”Julenatt” 2nd session with members of Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.

August. Selected concerts and mix of the album ”Come Home”.

July. Selected concerts around Norway.

February. Selected concerts as a duo in Norway.

The 21st of December. Annbjørg and Bjørn Ole are having a concert today together with Elisabeth Andreassen at the Oslo Concert House today together with norwegian fiddler Aleksander Rybak.

11th of September. Annbjørg and BO release their new CD ”Roquebrune” in Provence with a special concert in Roquebrune.

2nd of June. BO leaves for a two week tour of Korea with Secret Garden.

21th of April. BO leaves for a two week tour of China with Secret Garden.

20th of January. Selected concerts in Norway.


21th of November. BO together with Kirsten tours for a period of two weeks.

3rd of july. The building of Kongshavn Studio stage 1 is finished, and first recording is set to the 23rd. The project is Annbjørg commision work ”Waltz with me” which will be released spring 2008.

2nd of June. Today the legendary NEVE VX Console was ordered from USA. This will be the heart of Kongshavn Studio and it will be expected to arrive in Norway around December.

23rd of April. Annbjørg and BO tours Norway again for 2 weeks. Some selected concerts will be done completely acoustic with BO playing a pump organ.

26th of March. BO travels to Paris this week together with students and teachers at the University of Agder.

8th of March. Annbjørg and BO together with folk singer Kirsten Bråten Berg continue the tour of schools and culture houses for The Norwegian Culture Concerts association.

15th of February. Today Annbjørg and BO held a special concert for an invited audience at Kjell Nupen´s atelier.

8th of January. Annbjørg and BO together with folk singer Kirsten Bråten Berg starts a tour of schools and culture houses for The Norwegian Culture Concerts association.

6th of December. This month Annbjørg and BO will do selected private concerts in Oslo.

5th of December. The construction of Kongshavn Studio is developing and estimated time for the first recording is june 2007.

7th of November. Annbjørg and BO is touring Norway this month. The tour starts in Ås and ends in Rauland on the 20th.

15th of August. BO has been participating this summer in the musical score for the movie "The Mermaid Chair". The movie is directed by Steven Schachter and is starring Kim Basinger, Bruce Greenwood and Alex Carter. The movie will be premiered later this year.

11th of July. Today BO together with singer Sondre Bratland, Annbjørg and American fiddler Bruce Molsky will play a concert at Spangereid church, Norway.

29th of April. The movie ”Valo”, with a musical score by Bo and Annnbjørg, opened in Norway the 27th this month. The movie received great reviews in the biggest newspapers in Norway. Bo and Annbjørg attended the premiere and also held a little mini-concert before the showing.

2nd of November. Bo has a new musical project together with Norwegian singer Kirsten Bråten Berg, Annbjørg and Steinar Ofsdal. They will play three concerts at Kristiansund Culture Festival this month.


28th of October. Annbjørg and BO will play a concert in Vasa, Sweden today celebrating the 100 year Norwegian independence 1905 from Sweden.


13th of September. Annbjørg and BO leaves for St. Petersburg today for some concerts. This is their first time in Russia as a duo.

5th of May. BO leaves for a three weeks tour of Australia today together with Secret Garden promoting the new CD "Earthsongs".

3rd of April. Bukkene Bruse leave for a new tour of Norway today covering major cities in the middle of Norway.

22nd of January. BO met with his old friends in the group "Boys Voice" today. The meeting was filmed for a DVD project covering the history of Rock in the southern part of Norway.


10th of November. Bukkene Bruse are going on a Christmas tour for two weeks from today covering the biggest cities in the south of Norway.

26th of October. The Norwegian string quartet Vertavo celebrates their 20th anniversary today at Rockefeller concert hall. Bo will contribute together with Bukkene Bruse. Vertavo were also featured on Bukkenes last CD "SPEL".

3rd of September. BO together with Annbjørg have been asked to write music for a new musical play called "Emma" commisioned by Agder Teater. The playwrite is Sven Henriksen. It's premiere will take place in "Fjæreheia", a spectacular theatrical location near Grimstad, Norway. More info later.

17th of August. Bo spent the last week in Denmark working on the new Secret Garden album. The recordings take place in Ireland, Norway, Denmark and USA. The album release is planned for this autumn.

23rd of June. BO is featured in Norwegian musician magazine "Musikk-praksis" this summer. The article covers his career and topics of technical nature.

21th of June. There are plans for a major tour in China with Secret Garden. The tour will start in September and lasting 5 weeks.

15th of June. This summer BO will play some selected concerts together with either Annbjørg or Bukkene Bruse. The summer will also be dedicated to music writing for future projects.

19th of May. After getting back from South Korea BO has been busy producing the new CD-single for Norwegian rock band NUD. The single will be released this autumn together with a video. You can visit their site here.

7th of May BO will hopefully release three more CD productions in june. The productions are compositions and arrangements by BO's students at the Faculty of Fine Arts which BO has produced. More info later.

25th February The Bukken Bruse tour together with indian players Trilok Gurtu, Ravindra Chari and Milind Sheorey is finished. It was a great musical journey through Norwegian contemperary folk music to Trilok Gurtu`s own compositions. You can read a review here

19th of September The 2nd of October BO starts mixing Bukkene Bruse's next CD. The CD will hopefully be released in November this year.

16th August Today Annbjørg and Bjørn Ole became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.

May Today BO was appointed Norway's first professor in rhythmic music at Faculty of Fine Arts in Kristiansand.



28th November The CD "Aliens Alive" which BO produced has been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy 2002.

21st October The Bukkene Bruse Christmas tour together with Norwegian string quartet "Vertavo" is now finished. Some of the concerts were taped and could be included in a possible live-CD with Bukkene Bruse released later this year.

10th October Today at the Bi-Z Gallery in Kristiansand BO and Annbjørg attended the vernissage of an art project called 40, for which they also composed the music. The project included prints from five different artists( Per Fronth, Nico Widerberg, Magne Furholmen, Kjell Nupen, Ørnulf Opdahl), a book about the project partly written by chef Trond Moi, a CD with music written & performed by BO and Annbjørg and a very special caraffel of Larsen's Cognac.

13th August Today BO and his students at the Faculty of Music in Kristiansand started work on a two CD project named Sounds and Visions and Classical Adaptions. The CD's contain compositions, arrangments and productions by the students. The CD's will be released in November.

13th of March The new Annbjørg Lien album "Aliens Alive" was released the 7th of March to critical acclaim. The album was produced,arranged and co-composed by Bjørn Ole.

27th December Secret Garden has just released their 4th album "Once in a Red Moon" on Universal Records. BO worked on this album as both arranger and musician.

3rd December The new Bukkene Bruse album "Den Fagraste Rosa (The Most Beautiful Rose) is now relesed to critical acclaim.

16th November Bukkene Bruse starts their annual Christmas tour in Jar Church, Oslo on the 19th of November. The tour will end with a special concert together with Norwegian String Quartet "Vertavo" at Gamle Losjen, Oslo the 19th of December.

21th August BO recently began mixing an album of music from his 1986 stage ballet "The Hobbit". Working title is "The Hobbit Suite". Bo will add some newly composed material. More information will be available at a later date. Stay tuned!

23rd May BO has just returned from Dublin after working on the new Secret Garden album. The recording took place at the renowned studio Windmill Lane. BO has pre-arranged and programmed some of the songs besides doing overdubs. 

1st May  Bukkene Bruse visited Minniapolis in april for a concert at the Nordic Roots festival.
You can read reviews for the concert here. The new Bukkene Bruse album will be mixed and released in early november 2001.

28th April Six of the concerts from the Annbjørg Lien & Baba Yaga tour in Norway was recorded for a possible live-Album.
The album will be mixed this autumn and a prospective release is set for Spring 2002.

7nd February "Annbjørg Lien & Baba Yaga Group will tour in Norway for five weeks March 07 - April 05. The Baba Yaga Group are; Hans Fredrik Jakobsen on flutes, Rune Arnesen & Per Hillestad on percussion, Roger Tallroth & Rolf Kristensen on guitars, and Annbjørg + Bjørn Ole. See tour list here."

2nd February "Bukkene Bruse recently finished recording their new CD, an album of traditional christmas songs and new material. The recording took place at Sofienberg Church in Oslo. The album will be released in early November 2001."


10th October "BO was featured as musical director for a chance meeting between Deep Purple and Annbjørg Lien. The event took place in Hell (!), Norway the 4th of October."

30th August The weekend around august 18th Annbjørg Lien and the Baba Yaga group
were featured on CNN International's programme "World Beat" along with 
other nordic folk groups Vasen and JPP.The segment called Nordic Nights was
filmed live on tour in the US April 2000. 
CNN has a multimedia webpage about this broadcast here.


29th July Orbina has started recording their 2nd CD in Kautokeino. Hopefully the record will be released in autumn 2000.

15th March BO is featured as producer, arranger and composer on two compilation CD's : "Northern Nights - Music from the top of the world" and "Nordic Roots II". Both on the Northside label in the USA.

14th March Orbina are set to record their second album in May. The recordings will take place in Kautokeino, Norway.

14th January "Smak av himmel, spor av jord" is the name on the double-CD of religious psalms BO has been working on as an arranger autumn 1999. It is released on Grappa Records. Featured artists on the CD are singers Kirsten Bråten Berg, Kristin Asbjørnsen, Anne Vada, Kjetil Saunes and Odd Nordstoga.

3rd January In December Bukkene Bruse was awarded Prøyenprisen, a prestigious award given by NOPA (Norwegian Popular Composers Union). The award was given to the group for their continueous contribution to the Norwegian popular and folk music. The same month the group went on a Christmas tour in Norway playing mostly in churches.


25th August The preproduction of Annbjørg Liens new CD is now finished. The group will start recording the new album in Oslo in September. Featured players on the album will be Roger Tallroth (from swedish band Vasen), Rune Arnesen, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen and Svein Dag Hauge. The CD will be released in the beginning of November.

1st August The Bukkene Bruse CD "The Stone Chair" has been officially released in USA on the Northside Label. This is the first time any of the groups albums has been released outside Norway. Northside also has artists like Vasen, Annbjørg Lien, JPP on their label. 

13th July Bjørn Ole has been asked to write 5 new arrangements for a double CD that will be released by the end of the year. This is a special compilation of the most famous and used psalms in Norway.
Featured players and singers on the album will be Kirsten B.Berg, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, Karl Seglem, Terje Isungset and Annbjørg Lien among others.

25th May During the summer Annbjørg and BO will be working on Annbjørg`s new album which will be recorded in September 99. One of the songs will also be featured on
a Grappa compilation album presenting modern Norwegian folk-music.

4th May Work on the new Orbina - album is not yet set, but hopefully some recordings will take place this summer.

3rd March The Annbjørg Lien "Prism"-group is leaving for USA March 24th to do a Nordic Folk Music Concert in New York. They will be joined by Swedish group "Vasen" and Finnish group "J.P.P" All the bands are now part of the North Side Label.

28th February Late February Annbjørg Lien and BO participated as performers at the Nordic World Championship in Ramsau, Ostrich.

13th January Secret Garden recorded a TV-Special for American Broadcast Company PBS in Lillehammer; Norway early January. The concert will be screened all over USA in spring 1999. There will also be a video-release with additional footage from the concert. Late April BO will join the group for a two-week tour covering New York, Minneapolis, Denver, Washington and Boston.

18th November BO has been recording the 3rd Secret Garden album this summer and autumn. The album is set to be released in March 1999 and was recorded in Ireland, Denmark and Norway. It will be mixed in Air Studios in London.

14th October In September BO recorded Hans Fredrik Jakobsen's Christmas album "Jol" together with folk musicians Tone Hulbækmo, Nils Økland and Terje Isungset. The album will be released on Via Music in November.

7th September Most of the summer went to writing, arranging and recording Bukkene Bruse´s new CD "Steinstolen". The album will be released nov.1998. Bjørn Ole is now a member of the group.

20th June In June BO arranged and recorded two songs with Norwegian harmonica player Sigmund Groven. One of those is "Theme from Titanic" and features singer Anne Vada. The CD is called "The Harmonica Album" and will be released in october 98.

17th April Early April Bjørn Ole rehearsed with drummer Vinnie Colaiuta together with singer Trine Rein for a planned gig in Oslo. Vinnie Colaiuta is known for his work with Frank Zappa and Sting among others.

2nd March Unfortunately the Secret Garden March 98 US Tour has been cancelled.

28th February Traditional Norwegian folksinger Kirsten Bråten Berg, Hardangerfiddleplayer Hallvard Bjørgum and Bjørn Ole are touring Southern Norway in March.

16th February In January 1999 Bjørn Ole will start recording Orbina's 2nd album. The personell on the album will be the same as on the 1st album.

7th February There are plans to record another album with the Norwegian traditional folkgroup "Bukkene Bruse". Recording will commence summer 98. 

28th November In December there will be some Christmas concerts with "Bukkene Bruse" at selected churches around the Oslo region.
Bjørn Ole will also participate at the "Nobel Peace Price" - concert at the Norwegian National Theatre the 11th of December.
It's Eurovision Song Contest time again!... And Bjørn Ole will participate as musician in the Norwegian finale in February.

23th September Early November Annbjørg Lien and Bjørn Ole leaves for Bosnia. They are going to hold a concert for the Norwegian NATO-troops in Sarajevo. This is one of the few concerts the duo has this year due to Annbjørg´s studying at The Academy of Art and Decor in Oslo.


  April. Bo leaves for London for a concert with his students at Agder University.

February - March. Recording Elisabeth Andreassen and Annbjørg´s new CD´s

January. Selected concerts in Norway with Kirsten and Annbjørg

June the 9th. ”Songen” with Kirsten Bråten Berg recorded at Kongshavn studio with Aril Andersen, Annbjørg, Stian Carstensen, Leiv Solberg and BO is released by Grapa Records.

June the 9th. Concert in Kristiansand together with Kirsten Bråten Berg, Helene Bøksle, Torstein Sødal, Sissiel Kyrkjebø and Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.

May. Recordings in Kongshavn with nepalisian musicians Prabhu, Suresh and Rabin for Annbjørgs new CD. Selcted concerts in Norway promoting ”Come Home” and sessions in Kongshavn Studio with norwegian guitarplayer Øyvind Nypan.

April. Bjørn Ole leaves for a 3 week tour in Korea and China with ”Secret Garden”. Later in the month Annbjørg and BO have some selected concerts in Norway.

March. New session for Annbjørgs new CD and Bjørn Ole leaves for Frankfurt together with students from the University of Agder. Sessions for Secret Garden at Kongshavn for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. Recording Bjørn Ole´s composistion ”As the Fill the Horizon” with singers Helene Bøksle and Torstein Sødal.

February. Recording starts for CD-project ”Alle Vegne” with Sondre Bratland and Annbjørg. The Cd is produced by Bjørn Ole. Recording also starts for norwegian singer Carina Mortensdotter at Kongshavn.

January. Bjørn Ole starts recording Kirsten Bråtens new CD together with Arild Andersen, Leiv Solberg, Annbjørg Lien and Stian Cartensen.

23rd of June. Bjørn Ole releases his new book ”Analog Synthesis” at the Norwegian ”Tekniske Museum” in Oslo.

19th of June. Rcording 4 songs for CD-project ”Protestfestivalen” together with Jonas Fjeld among others.

15th of June. Recording for Annbjørgs new solo CD starts. Bjørn Ole is producing.

May 22nd. Sessions starts for ”Julenatt” Bjørn Ole is producing and arranging.

6th of May. Annbjørg and Bjørn Ole starts recording their first duo album only with a harmonioum and fiddle/keyed harp. The project is called ”Come Home”

20th of April. Annbjørg and Bjørn Ole starts a duo tour for two weeks in Norway.

March 2nd. Preproduction starts for CD-project ”Julenatt” with Rein Alexander and Elisabeth Andreassen.

21st of January. Rcording the song ”Heltane fra Sørlandet” with norwegian singer Thom Hell. Bjørn Ole produces the session.

11st of January. Recording the ”Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra” for Elisabeth Andreassens CD ”Spellemann”. Soon after the mix starts.

3rd of January..Annbjørgs CD ”Waltz with me” is nominated for the norwegian grammy 2008. The album was recorded at Kongshavn Studios.


25th of November. Bo together with Steinar Ofsdal, Annbjørg and Kirsten, has a one-off concert in Kongsberg Church.

11th of October. Annbjørg and BO leaves for a two week tour of the west coast of Norway.

August. Recording Elisabeth Andreassen and mixing Bjørn Eidsvåg's new CD ”Pust”

July. The whole month is dedicated to studio work. A lot of different sessions going on. Among them recording Elisabeth Andreassen´s new CD.

15th of June. BO starts recording vocal group ”Apes and Babes” in Trondheim. BO will produce their new album which will be mixed in Kongshavn Studios.

3rd of May. Selected concerts in Norway and studio work.

15th of April. BO starts work with renowned singer Elisabeth Andreassen producing her next CD.

25th of February. Annbjørg and BO together with folk singer Kirsten Bråten Berg continue the tour of schools and culture houses for The Norwegian Culture Concerts association.

25th of february. Annbjørg and BO together with folk singer Kirsten Bråten Berg continious the tour in schools and culturehouses for The Norwegian Culture Concerts association.

20th of November. Annbjørg, Kirsten and BO performs at the opening of the University of Agder

September to December. The studio work is more demanding and a lot of projects is finalized in this period. Among them new written arrangements for a psalm pricets for the University of Agder. A Christmas CD with Anne Vade. Tracking for the new Secret Garden album and selected concerts in Norway.

1st of August. Selected concerts in Norway and recording in studio. One of the projects is new CD with ”Secret Garden”.

5th of November. Bo and Annbjørg leaves for a tour in Norway between the 9th of Nov until the 19th. See more details here.

10th of October. The Cabaret “Bjørneboe på Hjørnet”, which BO composed some of the music for, will  premiere the 15th of November in Kristiansand. The play is directed by Alex Scherpf.

20th of July. Some new plans for the autumn. Annbjørg will be doing a tour in Spain in October and will also play two concerts in Kazakstan. BO will also hopefully do a project for Agder theatre performing some of his compositions based on the lyrics by the late Norwegian writer Jens Bjørnebo.

10th of June. June and July will be busy for BO regarding touring. Both the duo (with Annbjørg) and the new project with Kirsten Bråthen Berg and Steinar Ofsdal will be touring around Norway.

18th of May. Annbjørg and BO has a concert in Kiel, Germany today. They will also do a concert in Amsterdam, Netherland the 7th of June.

15th of May. This month work starts on BO´s long planned studio in Kongshavn, Norway. It will be a studio dedicated to the musical work Bo does today (theatre/cinema and other recording-projects), but also a place where he finally can bring all his analog sythesizers in one place. There will be a follow-up about the project later this summer.

10th of March. Bo and Annbjørg starts a tour in Norway the 12th in Lillesand and covers the south of Norway until the 28th this month. On this tour they are trying out some new material which hopefully will end up on Annbjørgs new solo-album.

2nd of February. Today Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjebø was honoured by King Harald of Norway and received the St. Olavs Order for her work for Norwegian culture. Bo attended the ceremony in Oslo. He worked with Sissel from 1992- 1998 as her arranger and musician.


4th of december. Today Bukkene Bruse held their last concert for some time at Konserthuset, Oslo. There will be no time for group activity this year due to other commitments.

29th of October. Today is the CD release of BO's new project with his students. The project is called "Acoustic" and include student compositions and improvisations. It is released on the Faculty of Fine Arts own record company Fom-R Records.

12th of October. BO leaves for a two week tour in Korea together with Secret Garden today.



1st of October. Annbjørg and BO leaves for a tour in USA today. They will start at the "Nordic Roots" festival in Minniapolis together with Norwegian group "Gåte" and Swedish group "Garmarna" among others.
They will also play concerts in New York, Washington and various places in Minnesota.

1st of June. This month Annbjørg and BO will be in the studio recording the musical "EMMA" which they were asked to write last year. The musical will premiere at "Fjæreheia" in Grimstad the 16th of July.

30th of April. Annbjørg and Bjørn Ole leave for a short tour in Europe covering Spain and Belgium today. They will be accompagned by Swedish guitar player Roger Tallroth and sound engineer Stein Andre Hovden.

4th of February. Annbjørg and Bjørn Ole have been asked to write the musical score to Finnish film "Valo". The recording will start in March this year in Cross Sound Studio, and the film will premiere in the autumn.

12th of January. BO leaves with Secret Garden for a tour in Irland today.

2nd of November. The new Secret Garden CD "Earthsongs" is now released. Bjørn Ole contributed synthesizers, programming and Hammond B3. The recording took place in PUK studios, Denmark.

22nd of September. BO leaves for China today for a 4 week tour together with his friends in Secret Garden. Among the main cities they will visit is Beijing, Senchen, Guanchou, Hangzhou, Kunming and Shanghai. The last concert on the tour will be filmed by the Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK. Other artists playing in the concert are Mari Boine, Knut Buen and Knut Reiersrud.


14th of September. Today is the releasedate of three more CD's from the label FoM-R Records. It's Bo's own label for his students at the Faculty of fine Arts in Kristiansand. The titles are as follow: "Music for an imaginary movie" and "Works". The third CD, "Iglo" is a solo project by keyboardist Håvard Jacobsen.

6th of May BO leaves for a tour in Korea this week for concerts with Korean singer Youngok Shin and Secret Garden

13th March BO leaves for a tour with Secret Garden this week. The tour starts in Singapore and ends with 5 concerts in Australia. 

20th February Two weeks after release, the CD "Spel" has received very good reviews in the Norwegian papers. You can read some of them here and here

5th January BO is featured in Norway`s biggest newspaper this week. You can read the interview here

10th February Bukkene Bruses releases their latest CD today.The CD is called "Spel" and is released on the Grappa Records Label.


11th November Bo together with Bukkene Bruse is scheduled to do a tour with renowned Indian percussion player Trilok Gurtu in february 2004.

23rd of October Today BO will be a special judge at a Norwegian Music Competition called "Kjempesjansen". The program is aired by Norwegian Broadcast Network NRK.

10th of October  This week BO starts mixing the new Bukkene Bruse CD together with recording engineer Jan Roberg. The CD will hopefully be released in January.

9th September Today BO was appointed member of the prestigious Agder Academy Of Sciences And Letters.

13th April This month BO played keyboards with heavy metal band Witchcraft. This was a special one-off concert at the festival Southern Comfort. Bo Co-produced their debut album in 1989.

3rd March Bo just returned home from a tour in Ireland with the group Secret Garden. The tour was a big success with all concerts sold out.

1st March Annbjørg and BO together with Rune Arnesen and Roger Tallroth will go on tour in Spain for two weeks in March promoting the "Aliens Alive" album.

10th of February BO and his students at the Faculty of Music released two CD's today. The projects name is "Keyboard Selections" and the volumes are as followed: "Sounds and Vision" and "Classical Intepretations". You can hear some of the tracks here (Faculty of Music).

18th October "Aliens Alive" and "The Loveliest Rose" are now available in the USA on North Side Records.

18th October There are plans for a tour in Spain with the Baba Yaga ensemble in March 2003.

13th October BO and Annbjørg will depart for Istanbul on the 8th of November for some concerts.

10th October Bukkene Bruse will undertake their annual Christmas tour of Norway in December. Special guest on some of the concert are renowned string quartet Vertavo.

July 2nd Due to BO's arm injury The Hobbit Project is delayed. You may listen to some of the demos on this new page made for the project here.

10th May Bjørn Ole had a serious accident and injuried his arm in early May. For this reason he had to cancel his concert and recording commitments for may and june. Good friend, record producer Alf Emil Eik couldn't help but also saw a funny side about this. He produced some pictures which you will find here.

 24th of March The new Orbina album "Orbina II" is finally released. The album was recorded in Kautokeino; Norway and is the follow up to the album "Orbina" which was released in 1993.
The album is produced and arranged by Bjørn Ole together with Klemet A. Buljo. Please visit Orbinas new Homepage.

 4th of April BO has just returned from a tour in Belgium with The Baba Yaga group promoting the new album "Aliens Alive". The tour was successfull and the band will hopefully return  to Belgium next year.

8th January Today Bukkene Bruse was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy Award for the album "Den Fagraste Rosa".


21th September The new Orbina CD is now in the final recording stage.
The album is recorded mostly in Kautokeino,Norway. Featured session players are Hans Fredrik Jakobsen, Svein Schultz and Rune Arnesen. More news will follow soon....

21th August The new Annbjørg Lien live album will be mixed in October with a planned release in early 2001.
This is based on recordings made on the Norwegian tour last spring. The album features among others Sami singer
Ailo Gaup.

15th August BO recently returned from a tour in Italy with Annbjørg Lien and guitarist Svein Dag Hauge.The tour went really well and the group will probably return next year.

19th July The new Bukkene Bruse album is now on the final mixing stage. Expect an early November release.
The album is called "Den Fagraste Rosa" (The most Beautiful Rose), and will be released on the Grappa label in Norway and on Northside Records in USA.

21th February The Annbjørg and BO duo recentley performed at the Grieg Festival in Arendal, Norway to excellent reviews.

5th November Bukkene Bruse is having a concert in Bjørk Church, Nannestad the 5th of December.
This concert will be filmed by the Norwegian national broadcasting NRK and will be shown the 17th of December.

1st November BO will tour with Bukkene Bruse this Christmas. See the complete tour list here.

10th October BO is featured as arranger and producer on the track "W" which is nominated for best popular song by NOPA 2000. The song is from the "Baba Yaga" album. Edvardprisen will be showed on Norwegian national television on the 28th October.

26th September The Norwegian Foreign Department has engaged Bjørn Ole and Annbjørg Lien for selected concerts in Sri Lanka (October). The concerts will be performed with local folk-musicians and Norwegian actor Lars Andreas Larssen.

20th September Bjørn Ole leaves for England and Scotland in November for a tour with Secret Garden.

23th August This month Norwegian folksinger Sondre Bratland
Annbjørg Lien and Bjørn Ole toured Norway above the 
Artic Circle visiting Bodø,Vadsø and Vardø.

13th August Bukkene Bruse has just returned from France playing 
at a folkmusic festival at the island of Taitou.

07th August This summer Annbjørg Lien and the Baba Yaga group has 
been touring Europe visiting some major World Music festivals 
in Belgium, Germany and Norway.The concert in Belgium at 
the Dranotur festival was broadcasted by the Belgian National Radio.

22th May BO is currently on tour in England and Irland with Secret Garden" The tour lasts until the 3rd of June and ends up with two gigs in Dublin. At the same time Secret Garden will release a compilation album in England with tracks from the three first albums. After the tour BO is having some gigs with the Baba Yaga group in Norway and Germany

09th April Bjørn Ole recently participated in a recording of Henrik Ibsen's poem "Terje Vigen", set to music by Norwegian composer Ivar Bøksle. The epic poem was recited by Norwegian actor Helge Jordal. Other performers include Per Elias Drabløs and Mads Eriksen. Produced by Sigbjørn Nedland, the album will be released in July.

9th March A complete tour list 2000 for BO together with Bukkene Bruse and Annbjørg Lien is found here.

22nd February Baba Yaga is released in the USA on the Northside label. Read some of the reviews here and here.

19th February The Baba Yaga ensemble performed at the Norwegian Grammy Award ceremony (Spelemannprisen) in February, a national broadcast. Annbjørg was also hosting part of the show.

18th February Plans for a Bukkene Bruse Christmas album is under negotiation. Possible release in Nov. 2000.

14th February Baba Yaga was recently released as an art-map in Norway. It is a collector's item since there are only 80 ex. You can view the art here.

21st January BO is leaving for concerts in Hong Kong with Secret Garden and The Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra in February. Secret Garden is planning a new tour in USA, hopefully early April.

2sol1st January The same month (April) the Annbjørg Lien Group is booked to do a 14-days tour in USA. The tour starts 14th of April and ends 1st of May.

04th November The new CD from Annbjørg Lien "Baba Yaga" was released the 4th of November in Norway. BO produced, arranged and co-wrote the CD. The reviews has been really good for the album and it will be released in USA in February. The same month rehearsels for the Baba Yaga live-concept will start with Rune Arnesen (drums), Roger Tallroth (guitar) and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen (div. flutes and bagpipe). Please visit Annbjørgs homepage for more information.

12th August In the first week of August work on the new Orbina CD started in Kautokeino, Norway. The recording will commence in October with new members Klemet A. Buljosol and Inga Juso together with Leif Isak Eide and BO. The CD will be the follow-up to Orbinas first CD released in 1993.

25th July Secret Garden will be touring Japan, China, Korea and USA during the autumn. Unfortunately BO will not be participating on this tour due to the recording of the Psalms-album and Annbjørg Liens new CD. He will join the group for a concert in Mexico in the end of October for some dates.

25th May After the successful Secret Garden tour of the U.S., BO and Annbjørg went on a tour to Greenland. They travelled with former Norwegian foreign minister Thorvald Stoltenberg who is now the Norwegian ambassador to Denmark. They did a small tour on the west-coast which ended in Nuuk playing a concert on the Norwegian National day the 17th of May.

28th February In February Bukkene Bruse went to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa as ambassadors for the relief organization "Save the Children". They spent two weeks travelling with impro-concerts and collaborations with local musicians.

2nd January In December/January BO and Annbjørg Lien composed and recorded music for a new theatre-play "StaluBursa" for the Beaivvas Sami Theatre. The play was premiered in Kautokeino February 19th.
The music was recorded in Bo's own studio in Kristiansand with additional vocals by Samien joikers Egil Keskitalo and Ailo Gaup.


11th December In December Bukkene Bruce received a nomination for the Norwegian Grammy Award "Spelemannsprisen" in the Folk-Music category for the CD "Steinstolen". The CD has been a critical success in Norway and there are plans for releasing it in USA in 1999.

18th November Annbjørg Lien has been awarded a prestigious Norwegian culture grant for 1999. This will allow her and the "Prisme"-group to do a lot of touring abroad during 1999. In addition, Annbjørg will record her new album in 1999 with BO as a producer/arranger.

21th May The Norwegian relief organisation Redd

Barna (Save the Children) has appointed Bjørn Ole Rasch to become an o ambassador for the organisation together with Steinar Ofsdal, Annbjørg Lien and Arve Moen Bergset. They will leave for Mozambique in Africa in early February 1999 for a cultural exchange with local musicians. During 1999 there will also be selected concerts for the benefit of "Redd Barna".

21th May There are now new plans for Secret Garden´s cancelled tour in USA. The group are planning a 60-concert tour starting spring 1999. They are also negotiating a tour in Asia autumn 1998. There will be gigs in Lisbon and Istanbul late June but Bjørn Ole will not participate due to other commitments.

 18th February The Chieftains' new album "Long Journey Home" is finally out. Bjørn Ole co-arranged and played on the tune "An Raibh Tu Ag an gCarraig? (Where You At The Rock?)", together with singer Sissel, Annbjørg Lien and the infamous bhodran player Per Hillestad.


15th October After the Sarajevo concert Bjørn Ole goes on touring in Norway with "Secret Garden". It is a "church tour" covering the biggest cities in Norway.
After the tour the group flies to Shanghai in China to do 3 concerts. The first one in Shanghai on the 14th of November will be seen by 80.000 people at a big outdoor venue in Shanghai. The concert will be filmed and shown all over Asia to 300 million people!